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Our Brand Is BagdoK

In Thai language, floral mean that "Dokmai".

We used 2 words between "Bag" and "Dok". Simply easy to remember.


bagdok packaging


honjosay bagdok owner

Honjosay Ratchasak

Owner, Maker, Designer

I live in Bangkok, Thailand. Feel love in floral & decoration fashion trend and hill tribe style. When I have free time from day-to-day jobs. I love to walk look nice stuff from everywhere such as craft supplies, fabric, leather, bags and shoes. They are so beautiful. It makes me feel very good.

A day, I'd like to buy a floral bags and must be old roses pattern only. But it rather find much difficult. At first thought, How I can do it by myself? That is start point of my item.

After finding information on internet. Make me know "Decoupage" techniques. The first, I study it from crafts & art school. There are many friends like my item. They told me that it look different and unique. Not often that can see. Next conversation "Why not do it be your shop?" After that I just start improve my DIY skill and became a member and open my shop with Etsy.

BagdoK Kunchorn Narumit Collection

Thai Elephant Inspiration


elephant gold clutch tassel


clutch tassel 1
clutch tassel 2
clutch tassel 3


clutch tassel 4
clutch tassel 5
clutch tassel 6


clutch tassel 7
clutch tassel 8
clutch tassel 9

BagdoK Iyara Collection

Thai Elephant Inspiration


elephant wallet craft


elephant wallet collection 6
elephant wallet collection 5
elephant wallet collection 4


elephant wallet collection 3
elephant wallet collection 2
elephant wallet collection 1


BagdoK More Collection

bag purses collection 1
bag purses collection 2
bag purses collection 3
bag purses collection 4


bag purses collection 5
bag purses collection 6
bag purses collection 7
bag purses collection 8


Shop Owner

honjosay bagdok owner

Honjosay Ratchasak

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